Boise Dobermans

Family raised  Dobermans

Meet the Parents

!!!! No New Litters Planed At This Time !!!!

Our dogs above all thing are our family pets. As we began to consider breading one of the largest considerations driving our decision was the wonderful temperaments of our dogs. They where fiercely loyal to the entire family and will take there barking orders from any member of the family. While in public our dogs remain calm and do not display un warranted aggression towards strangers.

 At the end of the day our dogs want nothing more then to sleep on the couch while you watch TV and sleep on the bed at night. We realize that the dogs should not be allowed on couches or beds. But we truly enjoy there companionship and having them close by. After all they are our family.

Dobermans are called the Velcro dog and for good reasons. There desire is to always be near you. The Doberman is the only dog that was ever specifically breed for personal protection. There are other breads that can do this task, but the Doberman is the only one that was bread for it. There are primarily to lines of Dobermans. The American, and the European. Our dogs are primarily from the American line. The differences are very subtle in appearance. although the European is typical a little larger. In temperament the American is often less aggressive and more ideal for the family pet role. Where the European is better suited for the working dog role. This does not mean that one is better then the other. Both lines have the ability do the same tasks. It just comes down to what you the owner desire from your dog. After all Dobermans are very intelligent and are easily trained. doberman pincher military short ear cropping

Boise Idaho

Diesel (Above)

Jezebel (below)

Doberman ear crop medium with bell boise idaho

Future breeder (Roxie)

Doberman ear crop long straight cut black and tan

No litters projected