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Thing that you should know.


To crop or not to crop that is the first question?

There are many arguments supporting both sides. But since they do not pay for our web site they don't get a say. If this is going to be your first Doberman there are some thing you should know. There are a few groups that believe that the practice of tail docking and ear cropping are in humane. The biggest argument usually is that these are strictly a cosmetic thing. The fact is that it really does serve a purpose. When the Doberman was created it was bread for personal protection. By having the ears cropped and the tail docked it was less likely that someone would be able to get a hold of the dog to immobilize it. In short it is for the dogs own protection against humans. Additionally with cropped ears a Doberman can stand there ears straight up and rotate them around to pinpoint sounds with out moving there head. It is like having eyes in the back of there head. The first time you see a Doberman do this it is quite a sight. Ear cropping and tail docking on Dobermans has been practiced since the very first Doberman came about in the 1890's. Because of this long history it is considered part of the heritage of the breed and is excepted buy almost all of the breeder associations.

Types of Ears.

In short there are four types of ears for a Doberman the first is the natural look or the un cut. Second is the military short cut. Third is the medium cut and probable the most common ear. Forth is the show cut and is the longest of all the ears.

Things to know about Cropping.

If this is going to be the first ear cropping you have ever done. Then you are going to need to mentally prepare your self for it. Ear cropping should be done when the puppy is 7 to 12 weeks old. this means that you just got the puppy from the breeder and you are now going to the vet for an ear consultation. Warning! This is not cheap. A good ear job can be in the market of almost $1000. Additional not every vet will do this procedure. In our area there are only a few vets total that do it and I will only recommend one of them, and wouldn't you know it they are not the cheapest. This is really on of those moments in your life that you really get what you pay for so why be cheap! When you meet your vet for the first time to talk about ears you should have an idea of the type of ears that you want. I suggest bringing pictures of other ears that you like to help express your desires. If the vet does not take the time to listen to what type of ears you desire then you need to leave. There are to many things that are being left to chance and you will not be happy with the end result. Not everyone likes the same ears.

Size Matters.

The first decision that you will need to make is the desired length that you want the ear to be. A short military cut will take only a couple of weeks where a show cut can take months to heal. So what ever the size be ready for the commitment. If it is the first ear cropping that you have ever done I would suggest not going to long.

Ear Shape.

There are basically two styles of ear shape the straight cut or the bell. The bell will stand quicker then a straight but a bell will make the ears pull out further on the side of the dogs head. this will be more noticeable when you are looking at the dog head on. A straight cut will shoot the ears straight up flush to the head a nice look but at a cost this type of ear is difficult to make stand and will require allot of time to develop. The straighter the cut the less cartilage there will be for the ear to stand on. I would always recommend at least some amount of bell on the ear to assist in the standing of the ear. Also not all dogs ear cartilage is as well developed. If you ask for a long show cut with no bell (The hardest ear to make stand) the vet may try to advise against it. This is a ear cropping that will require allot of attention and time to stand.

Wisp on the tip.

The tip of the ear is the last primary part of an ear cropping do you want it at a point, rounded, or with a wisp. This is where I like to put my complete and biases opinion. You want the wisp. We are so fond of the wisp that we have named it after our vet we call it the Sessions Swoop.

Who is our Vet ?

We use Dr. Sessions at Broadway Vet. It is our opinion that Broadway Vet is hands down the best vet in the area for the care of Dobermans. They know the bread in side and out and have always been there for our dogs. There ear cropping's are top notch and look better then any other vet in the area. I have personally seen them work miracles on ear cropping's that have been done by other vets.

There link is on our links and other advice page.


Water Dogs

Above: Jezebel and Diesel take the day off

hat on doberman

Above: Diesel has a bad ear day




Ears Before Cropping

ears before cropping

 Ears Before cropping

medium crop with bell

Above: Medium crop with bell

Above: Ears Posted 2 weeks in

ear posting

Above: Ears posted 2 months in

long cropping straight cut

Above: Long Crop Straight cut