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Puppy Shopping tips

You have choices when it comes to finding a new Doberman puppy for your family. Not everyone is going to be able to buy one of our puppies and we know this. If you are new to Doberman ownership. We would like to pass on a little advice to help you find the right puppy.


Other Thing to Consider

Not all vets are created equal. If you have a vet that will do your Dobermans ear cropping then you have a vet that favors Your bread. The Stigmata of this bread runs deep in many people, even vets. If this is going to be your first Doberman you are in for a small surprise, many people will have hard formed opinions about your puppy with out ever meeting or spending time with it. But on the other side there is a large community of those that know the truth about the bread.

Von Willebrand disease (vWD)

A rare blood clotting dieses that is a little more common in Dobermans. The parents of your puppy should have been tested for the dieses but this is not always the case nor is it a guarantee that the puppy could have the dieses the reason is because it is not as clear cut as positive or negative it is based on a number system. If a dog is border line the dog could be classified as a carrier and still not have the disease but could pass it along to its puppies. If both parents have good strong clotting factors this will not be an issue. Some good assumptions that you can identify early in the game are as follows. At three days old most breeders will have the puppies tail docked and the due claws removed if there is a clotting factor issue it should show up then. Additionally if the parents have there ears cropped then they where most likely tested and cleared before the surgery. It is possible to have ears cropped with the disease buy using clotting injections at the time of the surgery. But most responsible Vet's will not do it because of the possibility of loosing the dog. As it was said to me at one time why would you put a $1000 ear job on a dead dog. With all that said no our dogs do not have the disease nor are they carriers of (vWD).